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    New arrivals added July 30, 2021:

    First Name Last Name or Group Format Genre Subgenre Album Title A Side Title B Side Title Label & # Disc Condition Cover Condition Comments Price


    Bobby Blue 45 50s R&B/RnR Black & Blue You Laughed Love 5021/5022 VG+ No picture sleeve- in plain white sleeve. Disc looks VG, plays VG+. Label wear/many small label tears/writing on label $15.00

    Tiny Bradshaw EP 50s R&B/RnR Soft/Well Oh Well Heavy Juice/The Train Kept A-Rollin' King EP-208 VG G+ Light label wear. Printed cardboard sleeve has wear/creases/writing/partial seam splits $20.00

    Don Durant 45 50s R&B/RnR Love Me Baby Seal Rock Fabor 4040 VG+ looks VG plays VG+. Label wear/label creases/sticker on label $10.00

    Marty Evans 45 50s R&B/RnR Now That You Have Gone Poor Me Coral 62192 VG+ Orange label. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label wear/stains/small writing $20.00

    Little Richard 45 50s R&B/RnR He Got What He Wanted (But He Lost What He Had) Why Don't You Change Your Ways Mercury 71965 VG+ wlp. Scuff not affecting play. Light label wear $12.00

    Dave Rich 45 50s R&B/RnR Ain't It Fine Your Pretty Blue Eyes RCA 6595 VG Label wear/stickers on labels $10.00

    Curtis Griffin 45 Blues I Found Something Better Baby Have Your Way Jewel 767 VG+ wlp. Light label wear $10.00

    Randy Caviness 45 C&W Mountain Blue Last Day Of Spring Misiplex 1003 VG+ Promo. Tape hiss audible in mastering $12.00

    Charlie & Billy 45 C&W Hawaian Honeymoon Steel Guitar Polka Dwain 806 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines cause light surface noise. Label wear/stains/small tears $10.00

    Paula Johnson 45 C&W Funk Hello Love Moonglow In The Morning MCA 40257 VG+ wlp. Funky A: plays VG+ with light intro surface noise. Ballad B: plays VG with surface noise throughout. Light label wear $10.00

    George Richey 45 C&W Oh What It Did To Me Minute And A Tear United Artists 776 VG+ Looks VG plays VG+. Label wear $12.00

    Ray Smith 45 C&W How's His Memory Doing Today Light That Candle Corona 230 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Writing on label $12.00

    Hank Williamson And His Gearjammers 45 C&W Turnpike Blues I'm Feeling Lonesome WG no # VG Looks VG+, but plays with some surface noise. Light label wear $15.00

    Dortha Wright 45 C&W They Listened While You Said Goodbye Keeper Of The Key Columbia 41073 VG+ Looks VG plays VG+. Label wear $15.00

    Arnie Goland Orch. 45 Easy Listening Thunder In The Sun Lady From Haiti Sunbeam 130 VG+ wlp. A: plays VG+. Cha Cha B side plays VG. Label wear/stains $12.00

    Rev. Milton Bronson And The Thompson Community Singers 45 Gospel Pray On My Child I've Got A Satisfied Mind Hob 1321 VG+ $10.00

    Sammy Bryant 45 Gospel He Knows How Much We Can Bear Part 1 He Knows How Much We Can Bear Part 2 Checker 5023 VG promo $10.00

    Helen Hollins Singers 45 Gospel I Come To Praise His Name Not Too Much HMR 25-711 VG A: plays with minor tics for the first 50 seconds. B : few intro tics and occasional light surface noise. Light label wear $50.00

    Reverend Oris Mays 45 Gospel Tribute In Prayer (From A Soldier In Viet Nam) I've Done What You Told Me To Do Songbird 1064 promo. Bad label wear $10.00

    Nicholas 45 Gospel Words Can't Express Words Can't Express Message 4503 VG Disc looks EX, but plays with some surface noise. Light label wear $25.00

    Brendan Shine 45 Irish Far Too Young Able Bodied Man Play 27 VG+ Made in Ireleand $12.00

    Johnny Zamot And Orchestra 45 Latin Yo Volvere Yo Vendo Amor Grande 114 VG+ Light label wear $25.00

    Max Romeo 45 Reggae Let The Power Fall For I Power Version Jaguar 07 VG made in Jamaica. Yellow label. B: by Original Hippy Boys. Plays strong VG almost VG+. Bad writing on label $12.00

    Ace Cannon 45 Rock Big Shot Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again Fernwood 137 VG+ wlp. Writing on label $10.00

    Changin' Times 45 Rock Pied Piper Thank You Babe Philips 40320 VG promo. Plays strong VG bordering VG+. Label wear. $12.00

    Choir 45 Rock No One Here To Play With Don't You Feel A Little Sorry For Me Roulette 4760 VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. Label drill hole/remnants of sticker on label $10.00

    Tom Dae Love 70 45 Rock Itís Time We Get Together Just As Long As You Are Mine Hitt 4902 VG Disc looks Fair. A: plays VG. B: plays G+ with intro pops/surface noise/wear/scattered tics. Bad label wear/"X" written on label $30.00

    Davy And The Dolphins 45 Rock Legend of the Seagull I'm A Poor Boy Subtown 301/302 VG+ Looks VG plays VG+. Small mark causes 2 clicks. Label wear $20.00

    Die Beatles 45 Rock Sie Liebt Dich (She Loves You) I'll Get You Swan 4182 VG white label with red print. Plays strong VG almost VG+. Label wear/writing on label $15.00

    Craig Douglas 45 Rock Heart Of A Teenage Girl New Boy Jaro 77030 VG Promo. Plays with some surface noise. Label wear $10.00

    Ronnie Gent 45 Rock Can't Understand You Rainy Day Golden Fleece 002 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines cause light intro surface noise and a few scattered tics. Light label wear/label stain. $60.00

    Debbie Lori Kaye 45 Rock Soldier Boy Could That Be Columbia 43454 VG wlp. No picture sleeve- in plain white sleeve. Disc plays strong VG, almost VG+. Label wear/stains $15.00

    Bernie Lawrence 45 Rock Day Time, Night Time Stay Out Of My Dreams Warner Bros. 5216 VG Plays strong VG. Label wear/small tears $10.00

    Magic 45 Rock Put Your Best Foot Forward I Remember Onyx no # G+ A: plays with surface noise/wear and scattered tics. B: plays with a few pops .Bad label wear $50.00

    Satellites 45 Rock Punk/New Wave 7/20 Talk Dance Steady Rotation 201026X VG Disc looks POOR but plays VG with scattered tics. Label stain. $25.00

    John Standish 45 Rock It Just Takes Some Time Don't You Know This Is Real Cyma 1001 VG A: plays strong VG, almost VG+. B side plays VG with a couple of intro tics. $10.00

    Steeple Peeple 45 Rock Oh, Kathy Tomorrow (He'll Be Coming Home) B.T. Puppy 528 VG promo. Plays strong VG almost VG+ with light into surface noise. Light label wear/sticker on label $10.00

    Bobby Summers 45 Rock Pi-ute Big Guitar Vogue 1801 VG+ Plays with light intro surface noise/wear. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear $40.00

    Glenn Sutton 45 Rock Karate Sam Fabulous Playboy Bill MGM 13273 VG+ $10.00

    Willie T. 45 Rock Love Me Today I Wanna See You Wheel 001 VG+ G+ Printed sleeve has wear/creases/radio station call letters written in magic marker $18.00

    TodosTusMuertos 45 Rock Punk/New Wave En Vivo Aborigen Dale Aborigen/Mate Dale Aborigen (Live)/Alerta Guerrillas Grita 60006 VG++ VG+ yellow vinyl. Picture sleeve has light wear/creases. Plays at33 $15.00

    Cissy Houston 45 Soul I Love You Making Love Janus 177 VG++ wlp. Light label wear/stains $10.00

    Ideals 45 Soul Gorilla Don Juan Cortland 110 VG Looks BAD - but plays VG with a few scattered minor tics. Label ring wear/ "X" written on label. $15.00

    Incrowd 45 Soul Irie Blessing Version Revue no # VG+ Made in Jamaica. Ugly scuff not affecting play. Label is off-center: Disc is fine - only the label is off-center. Light label wear/tiny label tears $20.00

    Pam Mullin 45 Soul Lonely Lady Thank God For You People Soul Deep 231 VG+ wlp $10.00

    Olympics 45 Soul Hully Gully Big Boy Pete Mirwood 5533 VG+ wlp. A: plays VG++. B: plays VG+ with light intro surface noise $14.00

    Raydiant 45 Soul Our Love (Vocal) Our Love (Instr) Lucy "Bee" 101 VG+ Looks VG-, Vocal side plays VG+ with light intro and outro surface noise. Instrumental side plays VG with more intro noise. Sticker on label/light label wear $15.00

    Skyy 45 Soul Disco High (mono) High (stereo) Salsoul 2113 VG++ wlp. ight label wear $10.00

    Josephine Taylor 45 Soul What Is Love? I Wanna Know (Do You Care) Mar-v-lus 6013 VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. Light label wear/stains $10.00

    Lee Webber 45 Soul Funk Your Love's So Good Your Love's So Good Excello 2332 VG promo. Plays strong VG almost VG+ with light surface noise. Light label wear $15.00

    Pfc. Craig Brown 45 Vocalist Away ó I'm Bound Away Bobby Shafto Select 714 VG wlp. Label wear/stains/writing on label $12.00

    Georgia Carr 45 Vocalist Laugh (Tho' You Feel You Want To Cry) Why, Darling, Why Capitol 2466 VG promo. Plays strong VG with light surface noise. Label wear/tears $15.00

    Jack Carroll 45 Vocalist My Last Night In Rome Rio Mayari Unique 369 VG wlp. Plays with intro surface noise and tics. Label wear/small tear $15.00

    Tony Faro 45 Vocalist Beloved Infidel Hey Lover Girl Sure 101 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear $15.00

    Four Spices 45 Vocalist Selah Belah Saba Kitty MGM 12594 VG+ Promo. EXOTIC! Plays with light intro surface noise. Hairline not affecting play, Rubber-stamp on label $25.00

    Peter Hanley 45 Vocalist I Wanna See You When You Weep Dedicated To You Verve 10028x45 VG Plays strong VG with light surface noise/wear. Label wear/stickers on labels/writing on label $10.00

    Royals 45 Vocalist Summertime In Maine Teenage Dreamer Croydon no # VG+ Light label wear. B: instr. $10.00

    Billy Williams 45 Vocalist I Cried For You Lover Of All Lovers Coral 62218 VG+ Label wear/stains $10.00