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    First Name Last Name or Group Format Genre Subgenre Album Title A Side Title B Side Title Label & # Disc Condition Cover Condition Comments Price


    Johnny Adams 45 50s R&B/RnR Come On Nowhere To Go Ric 963 VG wlp. Looks G+, plays strong VG. Label stains/bad label wear $16.00

    Coronados 45 50s R&B/RnR Let's Get Acquainted I Came Back To Say I'm Sorry Vik 0217 VG++ Light label wear $20.00

    Esquire Boys 45 50s R&B/RnR Dance With A Rock At The Balalaika Dot 15433 VG+ Looks VG, plays VG+ with scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear $12.00

    Willie Cobbs 45 Blues Mistreated Blues You Don't Love Me Bootheel 182 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines cause light intro noise. Label wear $20.00

    Harmonica Fats & Moonshine Willie 45 Blues Funk Funky Drop Goodbye Fats Nor-Mar 354 VG+ Purple label. B: vocal by Jeane Mitchell Looks VG plays VG+. Label wear $18.00

    Percy Strother 45 Blues Your Fool Done Woke Up She Keeps Me Satisfied Blue Moon 006 VG++ VG+ Wraparound sleeve has light wear/creases $20.00

    Leo Busch 45 C&W Lover Boy Tim Watching The Rain Fall Nashville 5094 VG Plays strong VG almost VG+, with light surface noise. Label tears $12.00

    Cliff Cochran 45 C&W Only The Lonely Are Free Love Can't Grow In The Shadows Renfro Valley 11005 VG++ $15.00

    Gene Crawford 45 C&W Blues Over Ice Me, Myself & I Hala 1014 VG+ Ugly scuff not affecting play. Light label wear/tiny tear. Date rubber-stamped on label $15.00

    Al Dexter 45 C&W My Careless Heart Move Over Rover Decca 28739 VG+ Plays with light surface noise $15.00

    Mike Eaton 45 C&W Don't Pull Your Love Hurtin' Chart 5137 VG+ promo. Scuff not affecting play. Light label wear $15.00

    Jimmie Snow 45 C&W You Fool You Rules Of Love RCA 7234 VG+ Hairlines and an ugly scuff not affecting play. Light label wear $10.00

    Bob Swanson & The Bee Jays 45 Easy Listening Horn Korn Shadow Of Your Smile RSP no number VG++ Scuffs not affecting play. Label ring wear $18.00

    Hubbards-Heavy Weight Gospel Singers 45 Gospel I Thank You Lord When I Meet Mother In That Land Hubbard 1000 VG++ Scuffs cause 2 minor tics. $20.00

    Progressive Gospel Choir 45 Gospel Lay My Burden Down Home Some Day Revival RG-101G VG++ Light label wear $20.00

    Gregory And The Nashville Ramblers 45 Irish Rainbows And Roses My Heart Fell In Love With A Wild Irish Rose Release RL.549 VG+ made in Ireland. Light intro noise. Small label tears around center hole $18.00

    Blind Willie Dunn's Gin Bottle Four 45 Jazz Jet Black Blues Blue Blood Blues Columbia SCM5100 VG++ UK reissue. Light label wear $15.00

    Joe Pass 45 Jazz Sign OF The Times Moment To Moment World Pacific 77827 VG+ Scuff not affecting play. Label wear $12.00

    Dalton, James & Sutton 45 Rock Anyway You Do It Lonesome For Home RCA 74-0896 VG+ Promo. Ugly scuffs cause light intro noise. Bad label wear $15.00

    Hap Dunne 45 Rock After The Dance William The Conqueror Brunswick 55253 VG+ promo. Light label wear/stains $10.00

    Hamilton King 45 Rock Diana Not Until World Artists 1033 VG+ wlp. Plays strong VG+ with scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Light label ring wear/"X"s written on label $22.00

    Helen Shapiro 45 Rock Tell Me What He Said I Apologize Capitol 4735 VG++ Light label ring wear $25.00

    Sierra Blue 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Perpetual Motion Up All Night Ariel 1 25 VG made in Canada. A: plays strong VG with a few minor intro tics. B: plays worse, with more intro tics and a couple of intro pops. $15.00

    Big Maybelle 45 Soul Funk How It Lies Old Love Never Dies Rojac 124 VG Scuffs/hairlines cause light surface noise $10.00

    Don Gardner 45 Soul Little Girl Blue I'mIn Such Misery Jubilee 5493 VG+ A few minor intro tics. Writing on label $16.00

    Woody Guenther & Cheaters 45 Soul Bang Dangin' Time Teardrops Shout 229 VG++ A couple of hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear/label drill hole $15.00

    Wille Hatcher 45 Soul Who's Got A Woman Like Mine Tell Me So Excello 2310 VG++ B: pressed slightly off-center not affecting play. Light label wear $20.00

    Donald Height 45 Soul We Gotta Make Up I Can't Get Enough Shout 213 VG++ Label ring wear $25.00

    Jimmy Helms 45 Soul He Gives Us All His Love We Are Not Helpless Capitol 3063 VG+ Plays with light intro noise/ 1 intro tic $12.00

    Hot Ice 45 Soul Disco Theme From Friday The 13th Part 3 Rock Bottom Gramavision 4501 VG+ wlp. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play $12.00

    J.E. The P.C. From D.C. 45 Soul Funk Hello Rochelle Hello Rochelle Profile PRO-5167 wlp. Scuffs/hairlines cause light intro noise. Light label wear $20.00

    Jesse James 45 Soul I Need You Baby Home At Last Zea 50003 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines cause a couple of minor tics. Label wear $20.00

    Georgia Kennedy 45 Soul Deep Try To Keep Him (Part One) Try To Keep Him (Part Two) No Label Name GK-5398 VG++ $50.00

    Emil O'Connor 45 Soul Some Of Your Lovin' There's A Time Columbia 42617 VG wlp. Looks BAD, but plays strong VG, bordering VG+. Bad label wear/writing/sticker on label $20.00

    Zeke Strong And Dealia Copeland 45 Soul Every Woman Has A Right To Change Her Mind Life Is What You Make It Safe! 210 VG++ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Light label ring wear $50.00

    Thomas & Taylor 45 Soul You Can't Blame Love BLANK Thom/Tay 1021 VG+ promo. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. BLANK B-side badly scuffed. $25.00

    Corniche 45 Soundtrack TV Theme From "Chips" California Hustle Windsong 11552 VG++ VG Disc looks VG, plays VG++. Picture sleeve has wear/creases/small tear $10.00

    Jerry Butler 45 Spoken Open End Interview 1-7 Open End Interview 8-13 Mercury DJ-132 VG++ G- promo. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. With picture sleeve. Sleeve is torn, creased and has a split seam $15.00

    Frankie Castro 45 Vocalist Hold My Hand Walk Walk Walk (With Me) 20th Fox 120 VG+ promo $15.00

    Bob Swanson & The Bee Jays 45 Vocalist Take A Weekend, Italian Style Out Of A Book RSP 112 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label ring wear $15.00

    Pete Williams 45 Vocalist Stay With Me Everyday I Have The Blues Marda 1260 VG+ Light surface noise. Light label wear. $18.00



    Sammy Lowe Trio 78 50s R&B/RnR Boogie Woogie Ball Milkman's Serenade Radax 50109 VG+ Cloudy surface with scuffs and a couple of hairlines, but plays VG+ with light surface noise and a few stray tics. Light label wear./ $20.00

    Charmer 78 Calypso Is She Is, Or Is She Ain't Back To Back, Belly To Belly Rhythm 930 VG made in Jamaica. Visual wear and plenty of scratches. Plays VG- to VG with surface noise/wear and tics.Label wear. $25.00

    Ernestine B. B. Washington 78 Gospel My Record Will Be There Lord Is My Shepherd Arco 1210 VG Strong VG, with some surface noise/wear. Light label wear $20.00

    Caravans 78 Gospel Why Should I Worry On My Way Home States 119 VG+ wlp. Light surface noise. Scuffs not affecting play. Intro thump - plays fine at 3 grams. Label stains $25.00

    Sister Wynona Carr 78 Gospel Good Old Way See His Blessed Face Specialty 395 VG+ Shiny surface with a few superficial hairlines/scuffs. Plays with light surface noise and a few stray tics. Label stain $20.00

    Chosen Gospel Singers 78 Gospel It's Getting Late In The Evening Lord Will Make A Way Somehow Specialty 849 VG+ Shiny surface with a few superficial hairlines/scuffs. Plays with light surface noise and a few stray tics. Light label wear $15.00

    Dixie Jubilee Singers 78 Gospel I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray Roll, Jordan, Roll Brunswick 2773 VG Scuffed surface but still has some shine. Plays with tics and some surface noise. $25.00

    Sister Elizabeth Eustice 78 Gospel I'll Let Nothing Separate Me From The Lord He Know My Heart Harlem 1015 VG Looks VG+ but plays hissy. $25.00

    Myrtle Jackson 78 Gospel Let God Abide I'mWatching And Waiting Brunswick ? 84028 VG+ Vinyl wlp. Surface has a couple of ugly but superficial scratches. Plays with surface noise during the intros, light noise after the intros. Light label wear $20.00

    Shelly Quartette 78 Gospel Looking For My Jesus I Love The Name Jesus Ebony 103 VG Disc looks VG+, but plays hissy with an occasional thump. Great male acapella gospel. $25.00

    Southern Sons Quartette 78 Gospel Our Heavenly Father I Can't Feel At Home Anymore Trumpet 143 VG+ Shiny surface. Plays with light surface noise and a few stray tics. $25.00

    Charles Watkins With The Original Concertones 78 Gospel Sweet Hour Of Prayer What He Done For Me Savoy 4054 VG+ Light surface noise and a few scattered tics. Weird exotica gospel! $20.00

    Aramite Band 78 International Armenian Rosy Aramite Special Aramite 652 VG+ Surface looks like new, plays with light surface noise. Light label wear/small tears $25.00

    Charlie Shavers 78 Jazz She's Funny That Way Dizzy's Dilemma Vogue R754 VG- Vogue picture disc. Looks shiny, but plays with surface noise/tics. In plain sleeve $20.00


    CD Box Set:

    Various Artists CD Soul Last Soul Company - Malaco A Thirty Year Retrospective Malaco 0030 M- VG++ 6 CD set in long box with book. Special postage for this item: US: $6 (Media Mail) / Canada $40 / All other destinations: $65 $38.00