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    First Name Last Name or Group Format Genre Subgenre A Side Title B Side Title Label & # Disc Condition Cover Condition Comments Price

    Wallie Hawkins 45 50s R&B/RnR First Date Hog Tied Joy 248 VG looks POOR plays VG. Label wear/stains/stickers/writing $12.00
    Ronnie Hayden 45 50s R&B/RnR Tell Him For Me He Lied To Me Josie 864 VG+ Hairlines/scuffs cause a few minor tics $18.00
    Buddy Johnson 45 50s R&B/RnR Ever Since The One I Love's Been Gone Be Careful Decca 27814 VG+ Ballad A side plays weak VG+ with some surface noise/wear. Jump B plays stronger VG+ $20.00
    Terry Redman 45 50s R&B/RnR Lonely Come On Back 45-1001 VG Looks POOR plays VG. Label wear/tears/sticker $15.00
    Rick Tinory 45 50s R&B/RnR What Has She Got Jean Marie Venture 6001 VG Plays strong VG almost VG+. Light label wear/stains $30.00
    Sugar Ray & The Bluetones Featuring Little Ronnie EP Blues Oh Baby/Bite The Dust Frankie & Johnny/You Better Be Sure Baron EP 502 VG++ yellow vinyl. Light label wear. Little Ronnie is Ronnie Earl $15.00
    George Clark 45 C&W It's My Life, Let Me Live it Women Can't Be Satisfied Pantage 102 VG++ Light label wear $20.00
    Riley Crabtree 45 C&W Big Man I Wouldn't Exchange My Heartache York Bros. Records Inc. 102 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label ring wear $15.00
    Kathy Dee 45 C&W Trail Of Tears The Ways Of A Heart B-W 612 VG+ Scuffs not affecting play $15.00
    Janet McBride & Vern Stovall 45 C&W Where Did The Other Dollar Go Tell Me Again Longhorn 575 VG+ $15.00
    Jimmie Osborne 45 C&W You All Come Come Back To Your Loved Ones (My Prodigal Son) King 1295 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. $20.00
    Merle Travis 45 C&W Re-Enlistment Blues Dance Of The Golden Rod Capitol 2563 VG+ Hairlines cause a few minor intro tics $15.00
    Joe Wiliamson 45 C&W 99 Miles Highway To My Love GNP 323 VG Looks VG-, plays strong VG bordering VG+. Teen pop/C&W. Promo rubber-stamped on label $20.00
    Buckwheat Zydeco 45 Cajun/Zydeco Everybody's Talkin' Party Down Blues Unlimited 2020 VG++ $12.00
    Laurel Aitken 45 Calypso Baba Kill Me Goat Tribute To Collie Smith RCA 60-297 VG Made in Jamaica. Looks BAD plays VG. Label wear/tears/stains $15.00
    Victory Chorale Ensemble 45 Gospel I Love The Lord Sinner Why Do You Wait Gospel Recording Co. ? 597 VG+ Looks VG with an ugly scuff not affecting play; plays VG+. Label wear $20.00
    James Cleveland And The Original Chimes 45 Gospel Look Up And Live He's Got His Eyes On You VG A: plays VG+. B: plays VG. Label tear/sticker/writing $15.00
    Latin Quarters 45 Latin Mira Mira Mambito Red Bird 10-000 VG+ Plays strong VG+ with scuffs not affecting play. Bad label wear. Commercial copy rubber-stamped D-J COPY $15.00
    P.Q. Rock N' Roll 45 Novelty All About Elvis Part 1 All About Elvis Part 2 Pelvis 169 VG Looks VG-, plays strong VG almost VG+. Label ring wear/sticker $10.00
    Allen Swift 45 Novelty Johnny Podres Has A Halo 'Round His Head Temper Is A Terrible Thing Jubilee 5222 VG Plays strong VG almost VG+. Light label wear $15.00
    Sir Mix-A-Lot 45 Rap/Hip Hop Posse On Broadway (The Godzilla Remix Edit) Posse On Broadway (Video Edit) Nastymix 75555 VG++ VG+ Picture sleeve lightly creased $15.00
    AC/DC 45 Rock Back In Black (Long Version) Back In Black (Short Version) Atlantic 3787 VG promo. Light label ring wear $10.00
    B. Bumble & The Stingers 45 Rock Baby Mash Night Time Madness Rendezvous 192 VG++ wlp.Ugly (but superficial) scuff not affecting play.Light label wear $10.00
    Corporation 45 Rock You Make Me Feel Good Sitting By The Sea Age Of Aquarius J-1496 VG++ Scuff not affecting play $20.00
    Ronnie Haig 45 Rock Mucho Fine Go On, Go On Silverball 105 VG++ Gold vinyl. 1994 issue of 1961 rockabilly. No picture sleeve $15.00
    Jam 45 Rock Butterfly Collector Butterfly Collector Polydor 14553 VG+ Yellow vinyl promo. Light intro noise $15.00
    Joy 45 Rock Ride The World For What It's Worth Paula 348 VG Hairlines cause surface noise and scattered minor tics. Light label wear/small tears/date rubber-stamp $15.00
    Al Madison Orch. 45 Rock Society Twist Madison Avenue Twist Golden Crest 533 VG+ $20.00
    Chas. McDevitt Skiffle Group 45 Rock Skiffle Sing, Sing, Sing Johnny-O Kapp 216 VG+ Promo. Hairlines not affecting play. Sticker/clear tape on label $18.00
    Sinx Mitchell 45 Rock Love Is All I'm Asking For This Weird Sensation Hickory 1248 VG+ wlp. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label wear/stains/writing $25.00
    Mozes 45 Rock Be Kind To You I Live Life Because Custom Fidelity CFS-8313 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines cause light surface noise. Label tears. $50.00
    Sandy Nelson 45 Rock Peter Gunn You Got Me Hummin' Imperial 66253 VG+ promo. Hairlines not affecting play $15.00
    Richie's Renegades 45 Rock Don't Cry Baby, It's Me Poaris 002 VG Looks BAD, plays strong VG. Label wear, small tears $20.00
    Shangri-Las 45 Rock Girl Group Right Now And Not Later The Train From Kansas City Red Bird 10-036 VG+ LABEL MISSING on Right Now And Not Later side. $12.00
    Joey Welz 45 Rock Hey Little Moonbeam [blank] Canadian American 169 VG+ Single-sided wlp. Hairlines cause a few minor intro tics. Light label wear/stain $20.00
    Bobby Bland 45 Soul Funk I'm So Tired If You Could Read My Mind Duke 477 VG++ A: plays VG++ with scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. B: plays VG+. Writing on label $16.00
    Jerry Butler 45 Soul You Can Run (But You Can't Hide) I'm The One Vee Jay 463 VG Plays strong VG almost VG+. Label wear/small tears $12.00
    Kenny Cain 45 Soul Words Can Never Say Practice Makes Perfect Hi 2060-V VG Black label promo. Looks G but plays strong VG. Label wear/writing on label $20.00
    Gloria Edwards 45 Soul (Need Nobody To Help Me) Keep Up With My Man Anything You Want King 6400 VG++ Light label wear $14.00
    Bobby Freeman 45 Soul Little Girl Don't You Understand Love Me Josie 45-896 VG wlp. Plays strong VG almost VG+. Label wear/writing on label $50.00
    Fred Hughes 45 Soul Can't Make It Without You Come Home Little Darlin Cadet 5579 VG++ Label drill hole. Light label ring wear $14.00
    Deon Jackson 45 Soul Northern I Can't Do Without You That's What You Do To Me Carla 2530 VG Looks VG- plays strong VG, almost VG+. Label ring wear/drill hole. $30.00
    Etta James 45 Soul Pushover Pushover Argo 5437 VG+ Promo, same on both sides. Label wear/tears $15.00
    Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles 45 Soul Oh My Love I Need Your Love Atlantic 2446 VG+ promo. Looks VG plays VG+ with ugly scuffs not affecting play. Light label ring wear $15.00
    Moments 45 Soul Key To My Happiness To You With Love Stang 5033 VG+ Looks VG plays strong VG+. Writing on label $15.00
    Bobby Moore's Rhythm Aces 45 Soul Try My Love Again Go Ahead And Burn Checker 1156 VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. BAD label tears $12.00
    Chuck Rainey Coalition 45 Soul Funk Got It Together Eloise (First Love) Skye 4530 VG++ Promo. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play $18.00
    Runaway Pancake 45 Soul Funk Archie's Place Archie's Place Rama Rama 7793 VG Label wear $10.00
    Syreeta 45 Soul Funk I Love Every Little Thing About You (mono) I Love Every Little Thing About You (stereo) Mowest 5016 VG++ wlp. Light intro noise. Mono side has a scuff not affecting play $20.00
    Julius Thomas 45 Soul I Gotta Change My Ways (part 1) I Gotta Change My Ways (part 2) Wild 907 M- $25.00
    L.J. Waiters 45 Soul Make It Feel Like Make It Feel Like West End WEDJ-1261 VG++ wlp. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. One side slightly off-center, the other side OK. Label stains. Small warp not affecting play $30.00
    Rick Coyne 45 Vocalist Minute You're Gone Little Dreamer MGM 13799 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. $12.00
    Pat La Rocca 45 Vocalist My Heart Belongs To You Cathy Jan Ell J-6vg++ VG++ Hairline not affecting play. Light label wear $15.00
    Nilsson Twins 45 Vocalist Honest I Love You Ook-Ah-Ga-Deek Capitol 3431 VG+ wlp. Looks VG plays VG+. Label wear $25.00
    Bill Randle And Bill Silbert 45 Vocalist Disc Jockey's Love Song Rosina! (The Menu Song) Coral 61544 VG+ Promo. Hairlines not affecting play. Label ring wear/writing on label $25.00
    Ray Rappa 45 Vocalist Cupid Tanto Tanto Pica 116/118 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Small label tears $15.00
    Village Voices 45 Vocalist Red Lips Too Young To Start Topix 6000 VG Looks VG-, plays strong VG. Label wear. $30.00