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    First Name Last Name or Group Format Genre Subgenre A Side Title B Side Title Label & # Disc Condition Comments Price

    Sonny Anderson 45 50s R&B/RnR Fool Our Love Could Never Be Imperial 5689 VG+ wlp. Label wear/stains $12.00
    Chantones 45 50s R&B/RnR Sweet Georgia Brown Stormy Weather Capitol 4661 VG+ Small warp not affecting play.Hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear $15.00
    Jamie & Jane 45 50s R&B/RnR Snuggle Up Baby Strolling (Thru The Park) Decca 30862 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear $12.00
    Warner Mack 45 50s R&B/RnR First Chance I Get Going Away To School Decca 30714 VG++ Light label wear $25.00
    Chuck Maroni And The Preludes 45 50s R&B/RnR Flap Flap When The Moon Shines Bright Imperial 5498 VG red label. Plays strong VG almost VG+. Label wear/sticker/small tears $15.00
    Pre-Historics 45 50s R&B/RnR Alley Oop - Cha - Cha - Cha Oh Blues Edsel 779 VG+ Scuff not affecting play. Light label wear $12.00
    Bro. Lee Roy 45 50s R&B/RnR Who Dat? (Buck Dance) Toast of the Town Epic 9067 VG+ Label wear/stains/tears $15.00
    Tina And Merle 45 50s R&B/RnR I Can't Help You (I'm Falling Too) Post Office King 5393 VG+ Label wear $20.00
    B.B. King 45 Blues Don't Get Around Much Anymore Poontwangie Kent 4566 VG++ Light label wear $10.00
    Lucille Spann 45 Blues Country Girl Returns Part 1 Country Girl Returns Part 2 Torrid 5000 VG++ White label. Hairline not affecting play. Light label wear $10.00
    Marvin Rainwater 45 C&W What Am I Supposed To Do Why Did You Have To Go And Leave Me (Lonesome Blues) MGM 12313 VG+ promo. Label stain $15.00
    Lone Pine And His Mountaineers With Betty Cody 45 C&W On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine Little Jeanie RCA 4720 VG+ $15.00
    Jimmie Skinner 45 C&W Please Don't Send Cecil Away Don't Let Love Get You Down Mercury 71785 VG+ wlp. Light label wear/writing on label $12.00
    Sunshine Ruby 45 C&W Too Young To Tango Hearts Weren't Meant To Be Broken RCA 5250 VG Looks VG. A: plays VG+.B: plays strong VG. Label wear/small tears $20.00
    Billy Walker & Jeanette Hicks 45 C&W Which One Of Us Is To Blame Let's Make Memories Tonight Columbia 21392 VG+ Looks VG plays VG+. Small label tears $10.00
    Sheb Wooley 45 C&W First Day Of School Lonely Man MGM 12328 VG+ $15.00
    Brother Raymond Corbin 45 Gospel Lord I Thank You Come Ye Disconsolate Gateway 740 VG++ wlp. Light label wear $16.00
    Friendly Gospel Singers 45 Gospel Jesus I Love You Father Come On Out The Corner Miracle 131 VG+ Hairlines cause light surface noise $30.00
    Bill Moss And The Celestials 45 Gospel It Was Jesus Talking To Me Jesus Knows What We Can Bear Savoy 4289 VG+ wlp. Scuffs not affecting play. Label wear/stains $10.00
    Jake Porter 45 Jazz Funky Baby Cherry Eyes GNP 375 VG wlp. Plays strong VG almost VG+. Label wear/writing on label $12.00
    Sandy Smith Group 45 Jazz In The Groove Down By The Riverside Hi Fi 5077 VG++ Ugly (but superficial) scuffs not affecting play. Tiny label tears $12.00
    Dan Dayton & Jeff Levine 45 Novelty It's A Gas Part 1 It's A Gas Part 2 Jemkl 3291 VG++ Light label wear $15.00
    Other Four 45 Novelty I Got A Wife My Heart Came Tumblin' Down Ivanhoe 50,002 VG wlp. Plays strong VG, bordering VG+. Label wear $15.00
    Ridge Gordon 45 Reggae There Must Be A Better Way (To Make A Living) Love You Prudential 201 VG+ $12.00
    Classmen 45 Rock Do You Want To Dance All Time Fool Limelight 3016 VG++ wlp. Light label ring wear $16.00
    Terri Dean 45 Rock Girl Group Adonis You Treat Me Like A Baby Laurie 3032 VG+ Disc looks bad, but plays VG+. Label wear/small tears $18.00
    Marty Gino 45 Rock Time And Place Live And Learn Wink 103 VG Disc looks G. Time And Place plays strong VG with 2 seconds of intro hiss and then some wear. Live And Learn plays VG+. Writing on label, bad label wear $15.00
    Johnny Law Four 45 Rock Since I Don't Have You Underdog Providence 421 VG+ wlp. Looks VG plays VG+. Label ring wear/writing $18.00
    Johnny Loren 45 Rock Personality Defect Study I She Wouldn't Hurt A Fly Columbia 44199 VG+ wlp. Light label wear/ X written on label $10.00
    Outsiders 45 Rock Gotta Leave Us Alone I Just Can't See You Anymore Capitol 5892 VG+ promo. Looks VG plays VG+. Label wear/stains/writing $10.00
    Randy & Richie 45 Rock I've Got To Get Rid Of Her That's How It Was Planned Twirl 2017 VG+ Test press with handwritten label. Plays strong VG+ with scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label wear $20.00
    Johnny Restivo 45 Rock Sweet Lovin' Looka Here Now 20th FOX 260 VG+ Hairlines and small bumps in pressing not affecting play. Light label wear $20.00
    Ronny And Peggy 45 Rock I Gotta Know I Will Never Understand Limelight 3032 VG+ Hairlines/scuffs not affecting play. Label drill hole/wear/stains/small tears/remnants of clear tape. $15.00
    Spirit's Present EP Rock Punk/New Wave Slaves To The System/Rocking With The Master Don't Tell Me What To Do/Stop Them Odelia ESS013 VG++ NO picture sleeve. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Writing on label $30.00
    Terry Stafford 45 Rock California Dancer Walk MGM 14271 VG promo. Scuffs/hairlines cause light surface noise. Label wear $25.00
    Tempos 45 Rock Oh Play That Thing Monkey Doo Fairmount 611 VG+ wlp. Writing on label/label wear $15.00
    Zig Zag Paper Co. 45 Rock I Feel Free Greatest Show On Earth Bell 741 VG promo. Plays strong VG almost VG+. Label wear/stains $15.00
    Ambitions 45 Soul When The Fuel Runs Out When The Fuel Runs Out (Instrumental) Firely 519 VG Plays strong VG. Writing on label/sticker on label $12.00
    Roy Ayers 45 Soul Funk What You Won't Do For Love same Polydor 2066 VG++ wlp. Label stain $10.00
    Chubby Checker 45 Soul Northern She Wants T' Swim You Better Believe It Baby VG+ wlp. Looks VG, plays strong VG+ with scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label ring wear. $15.00
    Fascinations 45 Soul Northern I'm In Love I Can't Stay Away From You Mayfield 7716 VG+ wlp. Scuffs not affecting play. Label ring wear $35.00
    Green Berets 45 Soul Northern Give Me A Try Just An Ugly Rumor Uni 55239 VG++ promo. Disc VG++ bordering M- with a scuff not affecting play. $22.00
    Joe Hinton 45 Soul There's No In Between Better To Give Than Receive Back Beat 539 VG+ promo. $15.00
    Odetta 45 Soul Ballad Of Easy Rider Visa Versa Dunhill 4213 VG+ wlp. Disc plays strong VG+. Light label wear $15.00
    Tammi Terrell 45 Soul Northern Come On and See Me Come On and See Me Motown M-1095 VG+ wlp. Looks VG, plays VG+. Label wear/sticker $30.00
    Velvelettes 45 Soul Northern Needle In A Haystack Should I Tell Them VIP 25007 VG+ Plays strong VG+ with scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label wear/drill hole $16.00
    Nadia Christen 45 Vocalist Take It Easy Take Me Back Liberty 56058 VG+ promo. NO picture sleeve. Disc looks VG, A: plays VG+. B: plays weaker VG+, with light intro noise. Label wear/writing $20.00
    Ginny Gibson 45 Vocalist You Pass This Way (Only Once) Bluesville Kama 500 VG+ wlp. Looks VG plays VG+. Label wear/writing/stain $18.00
    Carol Hughes 45 Vocalist Creation Love, Kisses And Heartaches RCA 7726 VG++ Plays VG++ with hairlines not affecting play. Label tear/writing $14.00
    Johnny O'Neill 45 Vocalist Wagon Train Somebody, Just Like You RCA 7379 VG++ Light label wear $12.00
    Sherry Parsons 45 Vocalist That's What's Wrong With Jimmy Lover Boy Unique 310 VG+ Discolorations in vinyl not affecting play. "Sample" rubber-stamped on label. Bad writing on label $15.00