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    First Name Last Name or Group Format Genre Subgenre A Side Title B Side Title Label & # Disc Condition Cover Condition Comments Price

    Gene Gilbeaux 45 50s R&B/RnR Gold Ain't Everything Up The Hill With "Jeep" RCA 50-0070 VG+ Orange vinyl. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label wear/writing $100.00

    Robert & Johnny 45 50s R&B/RnR Please Me Please You're Mine Regency 861 VG+ Canada issue of Old Town 1100. Plays with light surface noise.Label wear/stains $35.00

    Warren Carson And The Jimmy Johnston Showband 45 Irish My Son Calls Another Man Daddy Who But You Emerald 45-MD 1041 VG+ Made in UK. Plays with light intro noise. Light label wear $20.00

    Hugo Duncan & Tall Men 45 Irish Little Sweetheart Morning Dew Release RL.576 VG+ Made in Ireland. Light label wear $20.00

    Paddy Hanrahan & The Sahara 45 Irish Arms of a Fool Tombstone Every Mile Release RL.592 VG+ made in Ireland. Hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear/small label tears. $20.00

    John McLoughlin And The Transit Showband 45 Irish Filipino Rose Blue Velvet Band Release RL.641 VG+ made in Ireland. Light label wear/small tears around center hole $20.00

    Dermot O'Brien 45 Irish There'll Have To Be An End/Just An Ordinary Sunday Rocks Of Bawn Release RL.647 VG+ made in Ireland. Plays with light intro noise $15.00

    Sean Thompson And The Everglades 45 Irish If You Only Had Taken The Time Happy Street Release RL.635 VG+ VG Made in Ireland. Showband C&W. Plays with light intro noise. Label wear/small label tears. Picture sleeve has wear/creases $20.00

    Juan Tirado & His Mambo Orch. 45 Latin Dorotea Cha Cha Cha No. 1 Derby 863 VG+ Label wear $25.00

    Popkin & Ellenbogen 45 Novelty Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee / We Go Together (stereo) Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee / We Go Together (mono) Lion 135 M- wlp. Disc looks VG++, plays M-. Light label ring wear. BREAKDOWN in the middle $35.00

    Aerial FX 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Take It From Here Somewhere Island 6698 M- VG UK. Picture sleeve has ring wear $10.00

    April Dancer 45 Rock Put Me On The Radio Keep On Dancing Teen Beat no number M- VG++ Creases in picture sleeve $10.00

    Band Called "O" 45 Rock Don't Cha Wanna (Have A Real Good Time) Coasting United Artists 36108 VG+ UK. A: plays VG++ bordering M-. B: plays VG+ with light intro noise and a scuff the causes a little more light noise. Light label wear. In plain white sleeve. $20.00

    Eduardo Bohr 45 Rock Lord, Turn Off The Sun You Came Columbia MO 635 VG+ G Made in Spain. A: looks and plays VG+. B: looks VG, with ugly (but superficial) hairlines that DO NOT affect play- also playing VG+. Picture sleeve has writing/wear/creases/partial seam split $25.00

    Franky Cadillac 45 Rock Walkin' Out Away From Me Orange 428 VG++ VG Picture sleeve has ring wear/stains/creases $20.00

    Jim Colegrove & The Juke Jumpers 45 Rock Rockabilly Ubangi Stomp She Likes To Boogie Real Low Greco 608 M- VG++ $10.00

    Crack 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Going Out Troops Have Landed RCA 255 VG++ G+ UK. Picture sleeve has wear/creases/tears. Tiny label tear/clear residue on label (glue?) $35.00

    Lesley Duncan 45 Rock Road To Nowhere Love Song RCA 1783 VG+ UK. Hairlines and ugly scuffs not affecting play. Light label wear. $35.00

    Golinski Brothers 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Bloody Toy Badge BAD 6 VG++ UK. A: plays VG++ bordering M-. B: plays VG++ with brief light intro noise and a couple of minor intro tics. In original mauve sleeve. Sleeve is worn, creased, and has a 1/4 inch tear. Includes bio sheet insert. $55.00

    Dale Hawkins 45 Rock Johnny Be Good Baby We Had It Lincoln 002 VG++ Light label ring wear $20.00

    Steve Hayes 45 Rock Report Card Day Randy And The Donuts Aaframbia 3 M- $10.00

    Trevor Herion 45 Rock Love Chains Love Chains Instrumental Interdisc 8 VG+ G+ UK. Looks VG, plays VG+ with scuffs/hairlines causing light intro noise. Picture sleeve has wear/creases/sticker/small tears $20.00

    Hermine 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Torture Veiled Women Salomé Discs 347 M- VG- White label with info rubber-stamped. Picture has wear/creases/stain. Virgin logo crossed out on the back $10.00

    Highway 45 Rock Time Is The Time What You're Doing To Me HMV HR.431 VG Made in New Zealand. Disc looks VG, A: plays strong VG, almost VG+ with occasional light surface noise. B: plays VG+. Sticker on label/writing on label/label wear $30.00

    Steve Hillage 45 Rock Hurdy Gurdy Man Om Nama Shivaya Atlantic 3384 VG++ Very light surface noise during the soft intro to the B side. Tiny label tears along center hole $10.00

    Jonathan Kelly's Outside 45 Rock Outside Waiting On You RCA 5030 VG+ UK. Light intro noise. Scuff not affecting play. Tiny label tear. $25.00

    Keys 45 Rock Just A Camera It Ain't So A&M 7551 VG++ UK. Light label wear. NO picture sleeve $18.00

    Masterswitch 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Action Replay Mass Media Meditation Epic 6529 VG++ UK. Looks VG+, plays VG++ with scuffs not affecting play. Light label wear $25.00

    Matchbox 45 Rock Rockabilly Rock Rollin' Boogie Troublesome Baby Raw 9 VG++ UK. Tiny label tears around center hole. NO picture sleeve $15.00

    Mother's Ruin 45 Rock Streetlights Spectra 6 VG+ VG- UK. Scuffs/hairlines cause light intro noise. Printed sleeve has wear/creases/small edge tears $22.00

    MRQ 45 Rock Rue De Plastique Des Jeux RCA 5839 VG made in Canada. Plays strong VG, with some intro surface noise and a few minor intro tics. Label wear $25.00

    Oingo Boingo 45 Rock We Close Our Eyes We Close Our Eyes MCA 53105 VG++ VG wlp. icture sleeve has creases/small tear/light ring wear $10.00

    Original Mirrors 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Could This Be Heaven? Feel Like A Train Arista 0509 VG++ Scuffs not affecting play $1.00

    Rockin' Horse 45 Rock Biggest Gossip In Town Oh Carol I'm So Sad Voxx 1001 M- Light label wear $10.00

    Rush 45 Rock Fly By Night/In The Mood Something For Nothing Mercury 73873 VG+ Looks worn and scuffed, but A: plays VG++. B: plays VG+ with light intro surface noise $40.00

    SA55 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Compromised Love Is Blind 1966 9868 VG+ G+ UK. Disc looks VG, but plays strong VG+. Label tear. Printed sleeve has creases/bad wear $35.00

    Sorrows 45 Rock Teenage Heartbreak Teenage Heartbreak Pavillion 6406 VG++ wlp. Scuffs not affecting play. Light label wear $12.00

    Stephen Spera 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Sound Of The Crowd My Geography/ Men & Women Part 1 Red 4501 VG++ VG Made in Holland. Sleeve creases /ring wear $30.00

    Walter Steding 45 Rock Secret Spy My Room Animal 2633 VG++ G UK. Scuffs not affecting play. Picture sleeve has wear/BAD creases/stickers $20.00

    Telex 45 Rock Punk/New Wave L'Amour Toujours Cloches Et Sifflets Interdisc 2 VG++ G UK. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Printed sleeve has wear/stains/creases/tear on back $12.00

    Otis Blackwell 45 Soul No. 1 King Of Rock 'N' Roll I Love It Fever 101 VG++ A: Elvis tribute. B: SOUL. Scuffs not affecting play. Light label wear/small label tears $12.00

    Chuck Bynum 45 Soul Marathon Lover (mono) Marathon Lover (stereo) Warner Bros. 49540 VG++ promo $20.00

    Earons 45 Soul Funk Video Baby (Short) Video Baby (Long) Boardwalk 12-179-7-5 M- promo $20.00

    Gonzalez 45 Soul Funk Hole In My Soul Re-Souled RAK 204 VG++ UK demo. In RAK company sleeve $55.00

    Debra Hurd 45 Soul Hug Me, Squeeze Me (stereo) Hug Me, Squeeze Me (mono) Geffen 29710 M- promo $10.00

    Robert John 45 Soul Northern Can't Stop Loving You Thirteen Times Columbia 44697 VG++ wlp. Scuffs not affecting play. Light label wear $15.00

    Loose End 45 Soul In The Sky Only A Day Away Virgin 497 VG+ G+ UK. Picture sleeve has wear/creases/small tears/sticker $15.00

    O'Conner 45 Soul Too Sweet To Lose (Stereo) Too Sweet To Lose (Mono) Bearsville 49768 M- promo $12.00

    Robert Parker 45 Soul Funk Get Ta Steppin' (stereo) Get Ta Steppin' (mono) Island 015 VG++ wlp $10.00

    Raelets 45 Soul One Room Paradise One Hurt Deserves Another Tangerine 972 VG++ wlp $20.00

    Edwin Starr 45 Soul Time Running Back And Forth Gordy 7097 VG+ Disc looks EX. A: plays with some surface hiss during the soft intro. B: plays solid VG+ throughout. Light label ring wear $60.00

    Rose Garden EP Rock Rider/Long Time February Sunshine/ I'm Only Second Atco EP-C-4522 VG+ G- wlp. Picture sleeve has wear/stains/tears/seams completely unglued $12.00

    Rod Stewart EP Rock (I Know) I'm Losing You / Mandolin Wind Gasoline Alley/Every Picture Tells A Story Mercury MEPL-3 VG+ promo. 4 song 7" 33. NO picture sleeve $10.00