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    First Name Last Name or Group Format Genre Subgenre Album Title A Side Title B Side Title Label & # Disc Condition Cover Condition Comments Price

    Buddy Ace 45 50s R&B/RnR I'm In The Mood It Can't Be True Duke 176 VG+ Label wear. The label is affixed slightly off-center. The grooves are fine- only the label is off-center $20.00
    Mickey "Guitar" Baker 45 50s R&B/RnR Shake Walkin' Greasy Spoon Rainbow 288 VG Plays strong VG. Label wear/bad writing on label $10.00
    Tiny Bradshaw 45 50s R&B/RnR Don't Worry About Me Overflow King 4713 VG+ Light label ring wear $10.00
    Chuck Hendon 45 50s R&B/RnR Nadine Cold Water Allison 21227 VG retro R&R backed with C&W. Disc plays strong VG bordering VG+, with an ugly mark causing a few minor tics $15.00
    Jerry Wayne 45 50s R&B/RnR Don't Want Your Kiss (Without Your Love) It's Not Too Late MGM 12477 VG+ Writing on label/sticker on label $15.00
    Billy 'The Kid' Emerson 45 Blues Funk Dancin' Whippersnapper Zulu Rooster R44 VG++ Hairline not affecting play. Slight warp not affecting play. Commercial issue with "sample" rubber-stamp. In stained Rooster company sleeve $25.00
    Arthur K. Adams 45 Blues Funk She Drives Me Out Of My Mind Gimmie Some Of Your Lovin' Modern 1034 VG+ wlp $25.00
    Jewtown Burks 45 Blues Operator Evelina Cher-Kee 14227 VG+ A: plays VG++ bordering M-, with a scuff not affecting play. B: plays VG+ with light intro noise and a scuff causing minor tics for about 30 seconds. The label is affixed off-center. The grooves are fine- only the label is off-center $30.00
    Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup 45 Blues Katie Mae Dig Myself A Hole Fire 1502 VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. Label stain/small tear $20.00
    Jack Cruise 45 Blues Got Drunk Last Night Feeling Lonely Startown 009 VG++ Small hairline not affecting play $18.00
    J.B. Hutto & The New Hawks 45 Blues Summertime Recycled Woman Baron 114 VG++ Hairlines not affecting play $25.00
    A.C Reed 45 Blues Funk Boogalo - Tramp Talkin 'Bout My Friends Nike 2002 VG+ Plays strong VG+. Label wear $15.00
    Junior Wells 45 Blues I Found Out That Will Hold Me Bright Star 504 VG+ Hairlines not affecting play. Writing on label $20.00
    Appalachian Grass 45 C&W No Destination Paradise Beyond Compare Vetco 523 VG++ Light label wear/tiny stain $15.00
    Hoyt Axton 45 C&W Funk Ease Your Pain California Women Capitol 3167 VG++ promo. Light label stain $35.00
    Razzy Bailey 45 C&W Re-enlistment Papers Stolen Moments ABC 10939 VG+ wlp. Looks VG plays VG+. Label wear/bad writing $15.00
    Bill Harrell 45 C&W Bluegrass One Track Mind I'll Never See You Anymore Starday 500 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label wear/stains $18.00
    Jim Howard 45 C&W Too Much Taking - Not Enough Giving Meet Me Tonight Outside Of Town Del-Mar 1013 VG+ Light label ring wear $20.00
    Gene McKown 45 C&W Peace Corps Keeper Of Heartaches Sims 228 VG+ Looks VG- plays VG+. Label wear $15.00
    Virgil Owen 45 C&W Whatever You Think Best They Ask Me Why I Cry Nashville 5131 VG+ Hairlines not affecting play $15.00
    Jim Robey 45 C&W Hurt I Can Feel Every Step That You Take Hi 45-2149 VG++ promo. Light label wear $18.00
    Porter Wagoner 45 C&W Love At First Sight Be Glad You Ain't Me RCA 5754 VG+ Looks VG. A: plays VG+. B: plays strong VG. Label wear/stickers on label $20.00
    Blackjack Wayne 45 C&W Life Sure Changes Holding Hands For Joe Decca 31365 VG+ Pink label. Looks VG, plays VG+. Writing on label $20.00
    Dixie Hummingbirds 45 Gospel Christians Automobile Stop By Here Peacock 1780 VG+ A side catalog number: 1780/B side: 5-1780. Label wear $15.00
    Cotton Mill Boys 45 International Irish Judy Lost Indian Hawk HASP 315 VG+ made in Ireland. Disc plays strong VG+, with scuffs not affecting play. Light label wear/stains. Center intact. $25.00
    Family Pride 45 International Irish Give Me Your Hand Poor Man's Son Columbia IDB.719 VG+ made in Ireland. Light label wear/stain. Center intact. $25.00
    Noel V. Ginnity 45 International Irish McAlpine's Fusiliers Mrs. Mc Grath Tribune TRS.136 VG+ made in Ireland. Disc plays strong VG+, with hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear. Center intact. $20.00
    Smokey Mountain Ramblers 45 International Irish 40 Miles From Poplar Bluff Me And Bobby McGee Ruby Rub.108 VG+ made in Ireland. Light label wear. Center intact. $20.00
    Greg Bartosik 45 Novelty Hitch-Hikers Blues Road Apples Music City 8101/8102 VG+ Soft rock/C&W novelties. Plays strong VG+ with hairlines not affecting play. $15.00
    Tony Padua 45 Novelty Ingemar Johansson Ingemar Johansson VG++ One side is VG++, the other VG+ (with ugly scuffs not affecting play). Light label wear/stains $18.00
    Johnny Angel & The Halos 45 Rock (If I Had) One More Tomorrow The Mashed Potato Stomp Felsted 8646 VG wlp. POPCORN. Looks VG- plays strong VG, almost VG+. Writing on label/bad label wear/sticker on label $50.00
    Neil Davidson 45 Rock California Dream Breakdown Crazy Sugar 7500 VG++ VG Disc VG++ bordering M-. Sleeve has bad creases. Includes lyric insert $20.00
    Ganem & Archer 45 Rock Wiggle Uliah (You Liar) Nash 101 VG+ In Nash company sleeve. Sleeve has creases/small tears $20.00
    Marmalade 45 Rock Lady Jane Back On The Road G&P 20006 VG++ wlp. Light label wear $20.00
    Bobby Russell 45 Rock Marching Back To Love It's Been A Long, Long Time VG+ teener. Scuffs not affecting play $35.00
    Serpents Gown 45 Rock Tacky Pictures Skeeter VG+ Looks VG. Tacky Pictures plays VG+. Skeeter plays strong VG with light surface noise. Writing on label $50.00
    Jimmy Wood And The Changers 45 Rock Mister Blues Time Has Come Felco 5001 VG+ Swamp pop. Small label tears $25.00
    Shirley Johnson 45 Soul Trippin' On You Waiting In Vain Diamond Gem 525 VG+ Plays strong VG+, with hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear/tiny tear $20.00
    Lou Pride 45 Soul I Didn't Take Your Woman Gone Bad Again Curtom 90-601 VG++ wlp $25.00
    Short Kuts 45 Soul Northern Your Eyes May Shine Letting The Tears Tumble Down Pepper 434 VG+ promo. Hairlines not affecting play. Label stains/tears $40.00
    Jackie Wilson And Linda Hopkins 45 Soul Shake A Hand Say I Do Brunswick 55243 VG++ Scuff not affecting play. Writing on label $15.00
    Julie Stevens 45 Vocalist Don't Worry About Me Please Forgive, Please Forget Sure 104 VG wlp. Plays strong VG almost VG+, with light surface noise/wear. Light label wear/writing on label $13.00
    Jack Carroll 45 Vocalist My Heart Is My House Of Prayer Pity Me Clef 505 VG+ Hairlines not affecting play. Commercial issue with "Preview" sticker on label. $20.00
    Four Guys 45 Vocalist Say You Do Money Mad Mercury 70575-X45 VG+ Sticker on label $15.00
    Frantics 45 Vocalist Lord Gave Us Music Evermore Futura 4501 VG wlp. Looks G plays strong VG. Label wear/stains/writing $15.00
    Anita O'Day 45 Vocalist Rock And Roll Waltz I'm With You Verve 2000x45 VG+ Label wear/tears $10.00
    Ken Sprinkler 45 Vocalist My Sunshine Gal Suzabella Newtone 2002/2003 VG+ Label ring wear/small tear $18.00
    Niki Stevens 45 Vocalist Johnny Blue Roses Without Thorns RIP RP-128 VG+ Discolorations in vinyl not affecting play. Label wear/small tears $20.00
    Jeannie Thomas 45 Vocalist Honey Blue Bells Felsted 8590 VG+ Hairline not affecting play. Light label ring wear $12.00
    Various Artists CD Gospel Best Of Nashboro Gospel Nashboro AVI 4001 SS $15.00
    John Whittaker & The Twenty-First Century Singers CD Gospel Triumphant Nashboro AVI 4526 SS CD reissue of Creed LP 3110 with 6 bonus tracks. Saw cut in thru the UPC in the tray card. Small tear in shrink wrap, but STILL SEALED $18.00
    Robert Tillman CD Soul Hurt By Love Before Ace 2056 M- VG+ Light creases in booklet $18.00