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    First Name Last Name or Group Format Genre Subgenre A Side Title B Side Title Label & # Disc Condition Cover Condition Comments Price

    Don Valentine 45 50s R&B/RnR Nobody Knows Being Together U.T. 4003 VG wlp. Looks VG-, plays VG. Label wear $25.00

    Shakin Smith And His Blues Band EP Blues Shakin's Boogie/Nine Below Zero Sit Down And Talk To Me/Let Me Explain Public Affairs 61 VG+ VG- Scuffs on label. Picture sleeve has wear/creases $20.00

    Aberdeen Street Band 45 C&W Every Time My Mother Calls (I'm Stoned) Mountain Lady Round no number VG A: plays VG+ with light intro noise. B: plays VG with surface noise during the 20 second intro. Writing on label $50.00

    Jimmy Coyle 45 C&W Going To Redneck Riviera Ballad Of Billy Don Huxley Cyprus House 41635 VG++ Very light label ring wea $12.00

    Dick Damron 45 C&W Susan Flowers Waylon's T-Shirt RPA 7621 VG++ Light label ring wear $15.00

    Denise 45 C&W Only Mama That'll Walk The Line Tears Of Sorrow Arco 1909 VG+ A: plays VG+ and has a HOT guitar break. B: plays strong VG. Writing on label/label stain $30.00

    Roy Drusky 45 C&W Last Call For Alcohol Deep In The Heart Of Texas Scorpion 0515 VG+ $15.00

    Four Guys 45 C&W Morning Sun You Made It Right Woodsmoke 112 VG++ A couple of faint intro tics. Light label ring wear $10.00

    Guy Harden 45 C&W Warm In My Arms Turn Around And Say Goodbye Shamrock 819 VG+ Scuff causes light intro noise $20.00

    Charlie Harrison 45 C&W There Stands My Baby You've Cheated, You've Lied Flormik 6702 VG++ Writing on label $18.00

    Judy Harvey 45 C&W You Walked Out (When I Walked In) Mr. Dee Jay G.B. 410 VG+ Hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear $15.00

    Homeland Harmony Quartet EP C&W Look Up/What A Friend I Am The Man/ If To Gain The World Stateswood 300 VG Label wear. NO picture sleeve - in plain white sleeve $12.00

    Larry Napier 45 C&W What Good Is Dying What Good Is Dying Badger 2006 VG++ $12.00

    Stanley Matis 45 Folk Novelty Coma Bums Cohabitation Vermin 1 VG+ $20.00

    Artistic Gospel Sharps EP Gospel Down By The Riverside/Try Jesus And See What He Can Do/Everyday Will Be Sunday Jesus, He's My King/I Need The Lord To Guide Me/You Don't Know What The Lord Told Me Artistic CP700-11 VG 7-inch33 rpm. Plays with some surface noise and scattered tics. $25.00

    Deacon Charles Bowers 45 Gospel You Ought To Mind Live So God Can Use You Michael HRE-28722/SS-2705-03 VG Looks POOR, but plays VG. Label wear $20.00

    Famous Original Ensemble 45 Gospel Up A Little Higher Think Of His Goodness Righteous 488-12 VG A: plays VG+. B: plays VG- with tics & pops for the first 10 seconds. Label wear $20.00

    Buckshot Featuring Bill Ryan 45 Irish Lonesome 77203 Diggy Liggy Lo RL.666 VG+ VG- Made in Ireland. Scuffs not affecting play. Light intro noise. Picture sleeve has wear/creases/small tears $18.00

    Frank McCaffrey & The Country Folk 45 Irish Lough Sheelin Faded Love IRL 226 VG+ Made in Ireland. Light intro noise. Light label wear/label stains $16.00

    Unknown 45 Jazz Beat Goes On Stop Time R&J 220 VG++ Light label ring wear $20.00

    Harvey Averne Band 45 Latin Let's Get It Together This Christmas Christmas Song Fania 551 VG+ Light label wear/label creases $20.00

    Angel Fire 45 Rock All I Do Is Skateboard Sea No label Name AS-101 VG+ A: plays VG+. B: plays VG. Light label wear/date written on label $25.00

    David Bowie 45 Rock Starman Suffragette City RCA 74-0719 VG G promo with picture sleeve. Picture sleeve has wear/creases/tears. Clear tape on tears and seams. Label stain $25.00

    Bob Brown 45 Rock In These Flames Kindly Leave My Heart Stormy Forest 657 VG promo. A: plays VG with light surface noise and occasional tics. B: plays VG+ with scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label ring wear/small tears $10.00

    L. Hoffman 45 Rock Punk/New Wave I Can't Stop Love Me True Haven 41180 VG++ Small heat warp on the edge causes a "whoosh" during the intro dead wax. On both sides, the whoosh stops before the music starts $30.00

    Iron Lung EP Rock Punk/New Wave Caspar Weinberger's On Fire/Loivesville Godel, Escher, Back: The Eternal Golden Rap no label name/number M- VG Bad crease in picture sleeve $35.00

    Kaiser Keller EP Rock Punk/New Wave Should I CareConcrete Train I Want You/Without You Clock SRT8KS1493 VG VG UK (?). Picture cover has creases and light wear $15.00

    Gale Kessinger 45 Rock Somebody Loves You Somebody Loves You Southern Tracks 2020 VG++ Very light label wear $15.00

    Mark Lane 45 Rock Punk/New Wave Need Me Tonight Dues And Don'ts HT 801 VG++ VG- Picture sleeve has wear/creases $50.00

    Donnie Marsico 45 Rock Woman-In-Chains Woman-In-Chains Barn Burner 3135 VG+ Light intro noise $12.00

    Roy Ayers 45 Soul Disco What You Won't Do For Love What You Won't Do For Love Polydor 2066 VG++ wlp. One side plays VG++. The other side is VG+, with light intro noise and a few minor intro tics $16.00

    Archie Bell & The Drells 45 Soul Green Power I Can't Face You Baby Atlantic 2855 VG+ Green Power plays VG++. I Can't Face You Baby plays very strong VG to weak VG+ with some intro noise. Label tears $25.00

    Blue Notes 45 Soul Northern Never Gonna Leave You Hot Chills And Cold Thrills Uni 55132 VG++ promo. Light label wear $10.00

    Brotherly Love 45 Soul Growing Pains I Don't See Me In Your Eyes Anymore Music Merchant ?1007 VG++ promo. Label stains. $10.00

    Barbara Carr 45 Soul Deep Don't Knock Love Think About It Baby Chess 2120 VG wlp. A: plays strong VG with intro tics. B: plays VG+ with a few minor intro tics. Label wear/writing/sticker on label $16.00

    Chocolate Milk 45 Soul How About Love (Short Version) How About Love (Long Version) RCA 10569 VG+ promo. Hairlines not affecting play. Light intro noise. Light label wear/stain $12.00

    Leon Collins 45 Soul I Just Wanna Say I Love You I Just Wanna Say I Love You (instr) Elf 800 VG++ wlp. Very light label wear/tiny label tears $15.00

    Clifford Coulter 45 Soul Don't Wanna See You Cry Don't Wanna See You Cry Columbia 11202 VG++ wlp. Light label wear $25.00

    Funn 45 Soul Funk School Daze same Magic no number VG++ wlp $15.00

    Phil Gentli 45 Soul Sugar (3:15) Sugar (5:35) Boston International 702 VG G- Plays strong VG with some intro noise. Plays VG+ after the intro. Picture sleeve has wear/tears/stains/creases/sticker and one seam completely split. $20.00

    Roy Glover 45 Soul What's A Man Supposed To Do Love, That's In My Heart Evolution 1015 VG+ promo. Hairline not affecting play $15.00

    Joe Hinton 45 Soul Please Got You On My Mind Back Beat 594 VG promo. Looks POOR, but plays VG. Label wear $18.00

    Jaibi 45 Soul You Got Me What Good Am I Kapp 866 VG+ wlp. Looks VG, plays VG+. Label ring wear $85.00

    Charles Johnson 45 Soul Deep Baby I Cried, Cried, Cried Baby I Cried, Cried, Cried Alston 3751 VG+ wlp. One side is VG+. On the other side, the label is affixed off-center- causing noise during the fade-out. $25.00

    David Joseph 45 Soul Disco You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me) (Instr.) Island 117 VG++ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. $16.00

    Ben E. King 45 Soul I Betcha Didn't Know That Smooth Sailing Atlantic 3337 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear $25.00

    Ramona King 45 Soul Soul-Mate Oriental Garden Eden 3 VG Looks VG-, plays strong VG, almost VG+. Label wear/sticker on label $15.00

    Mary Lou 45 Soul Funk Wish Someone Would Care John You're Wrong Cotillion 44082 VG+ Looks VG plays VG+, with scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear/writing on label $30.00

    Mary Love 45 Soul Talkin' About My Man Dance Children Dance Modern 1039 VG+ wlp. Label stains/ring wear $15.00

    Marjorie McCoy 45 Soul Deep I'd Rather Go Blind And That's Saying A Lot Capitol 3423 VG+ promo. Light intro surface noise $15.00

    Garnet Mimms 45 Soul Funk Stop And Check Yourself Another Time Another Place GSF 6874 VG+ Light label wear/stain $20.00

    Tiny Watkins 45 Soul Way Across Town Give Me My Flowers Excello 2299 VG++ $12.00

    Rosalie Mann 45 Vocalist Sticks Wishing Star Coral 9-62215 VG+ Blue label promo. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label wear/stains/writing $30.00

    Jimmy Nash 45 Vocalist Romance Cool Sixteen Vanity 585/586 VG Label wear $20.00

    Bob Wilson 45 Vocalist I Went To Your Wedding Tale Of A Donkey Era 3023 VG promo. Plays strong VG almost VG+, with light surface noise. Label wear/stains $20.00