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    First Name Last Name or Group Format Genre Album Title Label & # Disc Condition Cover Condition Comments Price

    Doodlers 45 50s R&B/RnR Two Hearts (If You Don't Want The Fruit) Don't Shake The Tree RCA 6074 VG+ wlp. Hairlines not affecting play. Sticker on label/date rubber-stamp on label $12.00
    Larry Finnegan 45 50s R&B/RnR I'll Be Back, Jack There Ain't Nothin' In This World Coral 62313 VG+ Hairline not affecting play. Label wear/stains $12.00
    Jimmy Jeffers 45 50s R&B/RnR Rockabilly Double Shuffle Teardrops From My Eyes Fraternity 857 VG+ Ugly scuffs not affecting play. Label wear $12.00
    Mickey Leonard & Orch. 45 50s R&B/RnR Intermission Riff (Part 1-Swing) Intermission Riff (Part 2-Rock & Roll) Prince 1204 VG+ Label wear $12.00
    Royce Porter 45 50s R&B/RnR Rockabilly Woman Can Make You Blue Gertrude Spade 41975 VG++ Boot. B: by Meredith Neal $25.00
    Bluegrass Gentlemen 45 C&W Bluegrass Barbara Allen When First Unto This Country Independence 2306 VG+ Looks VG plays VG+ with scuffs and discolorations in vinyl not affecting play $15.00
    Bill Carlisle 45 C&W Have A Drink On Me Too Old To Cut The Mustard Columbia 42049 VG+ wlp. Scuffs not affecting play. Sticker on label. Light label ring wear $15.00
    Bobby Fischer 45 C&W All Together Lonely City Dial 4035 VG+ Hairlines cause light surface noise. Label wear/small tears $12.00
    Bonnie Guitar 45 C&W Straight And Narrow Outside Looking In CRC Charter 9 VG++ Hairline not affecting play. Label ring wear/drill hole $20.00
    Hawkshaw Hawkins 45 C&W You Know Me Much Too Well My Story Columbia 41811 VG++ Hairlines not affecting play. Small label tears $12.00
    Rod Morris 45 C&W That's Nature Nobody Knows Grandpa Like Grandma Capitol 3006 VG+ wlp. Hairlines cause a few minor tics. Light label wear $16.00
    Pat And Darrell 45 C&W Not Even Friends Back To Me Nashville 5339 VG+ Light intro noise. Light label wear/small tear $18.00
    Leon Payne 45 C&W Lot's Wife Looked Back Cry Baby Cry Hacienda Wildcat 008 VG+ Hairlines not affecting play. Light label wear $18.00
    Jimmie Skinner 45 C&W Reason To Live I'm A Lot More Lonesome Now Mercury 1117 VG+ UK press. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Center punched out. $15.00
    Stanley Brothers 45 C&W Blue Moon Of Kentucky I Just Got Wise Mercury 70453 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label ring wear/tiny tears $15.00
    Wilburn Brothers 45 C&W Tell Her So Here Comes A Million Memories Decca 31520 VG+ promo $10.00
    Hank Williams, Jr. 45 C&W Rainmaker River MGM 13443 VG+ promo $10.00
    Sgt. Billy And Cactus Pete With D. Seeger 45 Folk Not A Kid Any More Sweet Sunny South Flop 2001/2002 VG Plays strong VG with some surface noise. Label stains/tiny tears $15.00
    Bethlehem Gospel Singers 45 Gospel My Bible Is Right (Part 1) My Bible Is Right (Part 2) HSE 438 VG++ $10.00
    Brooklyn Skyways 45 Gospel Holy Ghost Is Here Right Now May The Work I've Done Peacock 3186 VG+ $12.00
    Golden Jubilees 45 Gospel Better Days Are Coming After-While Need A Little More Grace P & . Productions no # VG+ Plays with light intro noise. Light label wear $25.00
    Dorothy Norwood Singers 45 Gospel Funk Jesus Is A Soul Man Our Prayer Savoy 4325 VG++ Small warp not affecting play. Label stains/tears $25.00
    Sensational Nightingales 45 Gospel Can I Count On You Closer Walk With Thee Peacock 5-1794 VG+ Light label wear $15.00
    Tommy Drennan And The Monarchs 45 Irish Little Boy Lost Day Is Done Columbia IDB.759 VG+ made in Ireland. Light label wear/tiny tear. Irish showband country & western/folk $20.00
    Pat Harte And The Arranville 45 Irish I Saw My Mother's Name Trot Robin ROB 904 VG+ UK pressing of Irish showband C&W. Light intro noise $20.00
    Hoot'nannys 45 Irish Hot Corn, Cold Corn Blistered Ruby RUB.126 VG++ made in Ireland. Hairline not affecting play. Light label wear. Irish showband country & western $20.00
    Michael Landers 45 Irish If I Could Be A Sailor Man Mr. Taxman Ruby RUB.131 VG++ made in Ireland. Light label wear $18.00
    Par 3 45 Irish Carrickfergus Belfast City Emerald 1165 VG++ made in Ireland. Light label wear/tiny tears $15.00
    Marion Evans 45 Latin Blue Champagne Cha Cha Bandit Bullseye 1018 VG+ Label wear/small tears $20.00
    Rene And Rene 45 Latin Yo Te Lo Dije Pretty Flowers Fade Away Columbia 43140 VG+ wlp. Scuffs not affecting play. Label stains $12.00
    Johnson S.W.F. 45 Reggae Hold My Hand Leave It There Narrow Way Gospel Line 3974 VG made in Jamaica. Reggae gospel. Looks G, plays VG. Label wear/stains. Hold My Hand pressed off-center - slightly audible. $20.00
    Ted Alexander And The Cordels 45 Rock Baby You Can Drive My Car Please Go Kama 16 VG+ NO picture sleeve. Label wear. Quiet B side has a hairline that causes a few tics. $30.00
    Yancy Bond 45 Rock Keep Walking On You're The Guilty One MGM 13765 VG+ promo. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. $10.00
    Cado Belle 45 Rock Airport Shutdown (stereo) Airport Shutdown (mono) Anchor 21005 VG++ wlp. Light labe lwear $10.00
    Adam Charles 45 Rock How Many Times (Do You Have To Break My Heart) Somebody Else's Girl Dot 16459 VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. Writing on label. $18.00
    Clan 45 Rock Hot Ashfelt Firebrand Clandestine 912 VG++ VG- Picture sleeve has creases/wear. Commercial issue with promo rubber-stamp on sleeve. Small label tears $12.00
    Forest 45 Rock Nice Guys And Fools Crazy Days Rainville 0001 VG wlp. A: southern rock plays VG+ with a few minor tics. B: Modern soul "yacht rock" plays strong VG with light surface noise and minor tics. Light label wear. $50.00
    Freddy Hampton 45 Rock Press Me A Rose Read Them On A Rainy Day Fabor 145 VG+ Scuffs not affecting play. Tiny label tears $18.00
    King Bees 45 Rock What She Does To Me That Ain't Love RCA 8688 VG+ wlp. Light intro noise. Light label wear/stains $10.00
    Lollipops 45 Rock Girl Group Peggy Got Engaged I'll Set My Love To Music RCA 8344 VG++ Scuffs/hairline not affecting play $10.00
    Eric Troyer 45 Rock Mirage (stereo) Mirage (mono) Chrysalis 2445 VG++ wlp $10.00
    Veda Brown 45 Soul I Know It's Not Right (To Be In Love With A Married Man) Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You Stax 0143 VG++ $10.00
    Pauline Chivers 45 Soul Tough Stuff Stopped O-Pex 109 VG+ Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label ring wear $12.00
    Chuck Cissel 45 Soul Forever (stereo) Forever (mono) Arista 0499 VG++ promo $15.00
    Bobby Justin 45 Soul Disco Temptation Eyes Getting' Into Love Padre 1908 VG Looks G+, plays VG. Label wear. Small warp not affecting play. Temptation Eyes is a disco update of the Grass Roots song. $50.00
    Tee Tucker 45 Soul My Girl (I Really Love Her So) Rock & Roll Machine Atco 6208 VG+ Looks VG plays VG+. Writing on label/label wear $20.00
    Al &Dick 45 Vocalists I'll Wait Junior Miss (With A Senior Kiss) Carlton 452 VG Plays with light surface noise/wear. Light label ring wear $12.00
    Coronados 45 Vocalists Little Moon Tell Me Yes Columbia 41448 VG+ wlp. Looks VG plays VG+ with light surface noise. Label wear $30.00
    Keynoters 45 Vocalists Evergood I'm Gonna Build a Mountain Pepper 896 VG+ Scuff not affecting play $12.00
    Diane Pane 45 Vocalists We'll Build A Bungalow Lover Roulette 4363 VG+ wlp. Scuffs/hairlines not affecting play. Label stains/light wear. Rubber-stamp on label. $12.00
    Johnny Reno 45 Xmas Boogie Woogie Santa Claus Blues Before Christmas Miracle 1 VG++ $12.00
    Two Guys & Another Guy EP Rock Punk/New Wave Intro/Same As Me Magic Garden/Too Many Times Flux no number VG++ VG- 7" plays at 33. Sleeve has creases/light wear $20.00